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Gestalt is a mind-body-spirit therapy. It looks to deal with what is happening to you in the present and therein you discover how you are functioning in the world. Our past is intrinsically linked to our past and instead of starting in the past in Gestalt we look at how you are functioning now as a result of your past experiences. We can then explore how you respond,feel and behave and how you may be fixed in some outdated patterns- fixed gestalts as we call them. These fixed gestalts- habits- can be unpicked and though enhanced awareness, dialogue, experimentation can be healed and new ways of being found in ways more contemporary and helpful to you now.

Gestalt theory and practice blends many approaches- psychoanalysis, Gestalt psychology, Eastern spiritual traditions ( mindfulness) psychodrama, humanistic and existential philosophies.

Importantly it is the dialogic relationship between therapist and client that enables change to happen and this relationship acts as a way of healing and diagnostic integration.